Picture Books for Children

Discover inspiring picture books for children, teach your child to read before the age of three, and enjoy read aloud books.

First, find picture books your children will enjoy. There are so many books out there, how do you choose which books you’ll read with your children? We’ll help you! Each of our stories has a an important life lesson. Your children will learn the secrets of a living a happy life while reading delightful stories.

Second, as a busy mother of 11 children, I finally discovered a simple way to teach children to read without a lot of effort. Our youngest children were reading fluently before the age of three. They not only read well, but they love to read. I’ll teach you 123 Read. It’s so easy. You can teach your child how to read before the age of three. 

Third, your young reader can follow along with our read aloud videos for each of our picture books for children. It’s a great gift to sit down with your children and read, but sometimes you’re not available. Encourage them to browse through the read aloud videos and pick a book they would like to read. They’ll hear a great story, and their reading skills will improve.

Picture Books for Children Originals

What motivated us to publish our own picture books for children? 

The Cedar Post Christmas

Book #1 - Every Christmas, I looked forward to hearing my mom reading The Cedar Post Christmas. It is a family classic. My mom wrote the story over 40 years ago.  It is a true story that happened to her family before she was even born. I have shared the story with others, and it has become one of their Christmas favorites. It’s an inspiring book that teaches an important lesson. A couple years ago, we decided to illustrate the story and make it into one of our picture books for children. This last winter we had it printed in hardback.

Book of Mormon Stories

Book #2 - There are a lot of fantastic children’s Bible stories. While I was reading The Young Reader’s Bible with my children, the idea came to make a Book of Mormon for young readers. It took two years to complete the project, and we are so excited to be able to offer it in hardback. We are recording our six year old as she reads all of these Book of Mormon Stories. It’s fun for a child  to listen to other children read. You’ll find the stories in our Book of Mormon video library.

The Beauty of Mirror Lake

Book #3 - Redaela is not happy. She thinks her misery is the result of living among so many, ugly, warty frogs. The more she tries to change her fellow frogs, the bigger her problem becomes. One day she decides to visit a beautiful lake at the top of a mountain. As she looks into the lake, she can see herself clearly for the first time in her life. She learns a precious truth that changes her life and everyone else around her. 

The Weathered Tree

Book #4 - Parables are an ancient way to tell a simple story using everyday objects, like trees, mountains, and weather to say one think while also meaning another. Christ taught in parables to let those with "eyes to see "and ears to hear" to see another meaning. This parable about a tree, a difficult life a perilous cliff and a beautiful valley is also about another story involving life, ourselves, parenthood, and God.

The Horses of Shiloh

Book #5 - This parable about our misunderstood Lord Jesus Christ illustrates the difference between how He is presently understood and how His difficult life was lived. He was a warrior in every sense of the word, who battled to save the souls of mankind. If you consider the message of this parable as you read the New Testament Gospels, you will better understand our Lord.

Book #6 - To be announced . . .

We are a mother-daughter team bringing stories to life. Jennifer (mother) does most of the writing, and Emily (daughter) does all of the illustrating. We hope you’ll use and enjoy the resources on this site.

The best stories just got better with picture books for children.  Pictures tell a story. A picture is worth a thousand words. 

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