Ten Parables


The Ten Parables by Denver Snuffer are being illustrated. Enjoy these beautiful timeless stories with your children. Each parable teaches valuable lessons. Your family will benefit by reading them over and over. 

The Weathered Tree

Parables are an ancient way to tell a simple story using everyday objects, like trees, mountains, and weather to say one thing while also meaning another. Christ taught in parables to let those with "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" to see another meaning. This parable about a tree, a difficult life, a perilous cliff, and a beautiful valley is also about another story involving life, ourselves, parenthood, and God.

The Horses of Shiloh

This parable about our misunderstood Lord Jesus Christ illustrates the difference between how He is presently understood and how His difficult life was lived. He was a warrior in every sense of the word, who battled to save the souls of mankind. If you consider the message of this parable as you read the New Testament Gospels, you will better understand our Lord.

Ten Parables by Denver C. Snuffer, Jr.

Ten Parables takes the ancient form of Wisdom Literature and updates it with a modern look. Those who have read Denver C. Snuffer, Jr.'s prior non-fiction books will find this book of fiction an interesting new addition.

From simple stories involving a single scene to more complex stories involving generations, this collection of parables weave together symbols to illustrate profound truths. It invites the read to reflect. Whether you learn new truths or recognize familiar ones, these parables are delightful.

While they are meaningful with a single read, you will discover layers of meaning with careful review. The author deliberately does not provide any interpretation. This book is not puzzling, but instead reassuring and invigorating.

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