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Book of Mormon Stories Videos

Watching Book of Mormon videos is an easy way for your child to learn the stories of the Book of Mormon. For your benefit, every chapter of Book of Mormon Stories is being made into a video. 

This is a children’s book, so a child will be the one doing the reading in the Book of Mormon videos. Belinda is in kindergarten. She loves reading Book of Mormon Stories.  We invite your children to read along with Belinda, and together they’ll learn important lessons from the Book of Mormon. 

If you haven’t bought a copy of Book of Mormon Stories yet, you can review any of the chapters by watching the Book of Mormon videos.

Book of Mormon Stories has 90 colorful chapters. The chapters are anywhere from two to ten pages long. Make sure you subscribe to the Picture Books for Children YouTube channel, so you’ll be notified everytime we post one of our new Book of Mormon videos.

Choose from 90 Book of Mormon Videos 

You can either scroll down the page or use the links below to help you find the Book of Mormon video you want to watch. Double click on the video to watch it on a full screen. We will be uploading new videos every couple days, so come back soon!

First Nephi

Lehi Becomes a Prophet

The Lord Prepares the Way

Power to Break Every Band

Fruit to Make One Happy

The Lamb of God Comes

Ask and You Shall Receive

Have You Asked God?

Following God's Directions

Power to Do God's Work

Praise God While Suffering

Will You Remember God?

A Covenant of Peace

Scattered and Gathered

Second Nephi

Free to Choose

A Seer Like Moses

Choose to Be Happy

Nephites and Lamanites

The Lord Will Comfort Zion

The Power of God's Love

A King and Protector

Learning the Ways of God

Deliverance and Destruction

Wickedness Will End

Prophets Warn and Testify

A Great Division

The Doctrine of Christ

Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni & Words of Mormon

Two Great Crimes

Parable of the Olive Tree

Tricked by the Devil

Three Promises

Valuable Records

Plates, Swords, and Prophets


A Name and a Covenant

God Sends Help

A Treaty with and Enemy

A Prophet's Message

Coming Out of Apostasy

Slavery and Deliverance

God Delivers His People

Rebellious Sons Repent



True Repentance

A Second Witness

Ripe for Destruction

Conversion of a King

The Devil's Reward

Pride Cycle

Go Back and Warn Them

Believers Are Cast Out

Power in True Service

Burying Weapons of War

Idolatry vs. Faith

Teaching Faithful Sons

Defending Liberty

Tricked By a Deceiver

Internal Strife

Valiant Sons

Freemen vs. Kingmen

Teaching a Wayward Son

Title of Liberty

Why Wars Begin

War Strategies

God Helps a Small Army

Peace Restored


Contention and Secret Plans

Obtaining Sealing Power

The Prophecy of Samuel

Prideful or Converted

Forgetting God

Nephi the Son of Nephi 

The Sign of Christ's Birth

Destroying the Government

Jesus Comes From Heaven

Covenants of God

Disciples of Jesus

Gathered for Safety

The Sign of Christ's Death

Blessed by Jesus

Explaining Scripture

Nephi one of the Disciples of Jesus Christ

Equality vs. Inequality


Making a Record

Moroni Saw Our Day

The Nephites' Destruction


Redeemed From the Fall

Secret Oaths

Swept Off the Land

Kings and Captivity

All Things Done By Faith


Christ's Name

Will You Choose Christ?

Faith, Hope, and Charity

Hope you've enjoyed Book of Mormon videos!

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