My Granchildren love this Book!

I bought this children’s Book of Mormon for my granddaughters who are ages 2, 4, and 7. When I handed it to the 7-year-old she opened it up and immediately said, “Oh, I love these pictures, they are so cute!” The 4-year-old looked through the book and asked, “Grandma, can I borrow it and take it to my house?” When I told her it was hers to keep, she was so excited and immediately put it in her parents’ car for “safe keeping.” Teaching children to love and honor God is the responsibility of parents. But, often, reading and studying the “adult” version of the Book of Mormon is difficult for young children. When our children were small, we used our church’s cartoon style readers. We found that the authors had “dumbed” down the gospel and made interpretations which were misleading and inaccurate. We lost confidence in being able to teach our children truth using our church’s resources. We are so excited for Willis’ Children’s Book of Mormon! I appreciate that the author used the 1840 edition of the Book of Mormon which will make this book valuable and usable by each of the Mormon branches of Joseph Smith’s Restoration. The author has done an incredible work in teaching the true gospel in a form simple enough for a child to understand, while maintaining truth and a sophisticated enough level that the children are still challenged and will not feel “talked down to.” The original art work is unique and helps teach the story along with the words. My grandkids love to look at this book. The craftsmanship and quality of the binding and printing is extremely high quality. This will be a book your children will cherish and love. And parents will learn more about the truth taught in the Book of Mormon by reading it with their children. I wish our family had this book when our children were small. I am grateful to be able to gift a copy to each of my grandchildren.

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