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Inspires me to love God

My kids loved the pictures and said the book helped make sense of the Book of Mormon. I like that all the content from the Book of Mormon is covered here--even

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Best new kids book in the house!

My son likes the book of mormon alot more now that its simplified for his understanding. THE ILLUSTRATIONS are great for this book and the message being

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Excellent resource for kids

I love this website and the intent behind this project. My daughter Sophie loves hearing another child do an excellent job reading and I think it’s helping

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My Granchildren love this Book!

I bought this children’s Book of Mormon for my granddaughters who are ages 2, 4, and 7. When I handed it to the 7-year-old she opened it up and immediately

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Perfect for Teaching Children Book of Mormon Stories

I am so grateful to have these tools to help teach my children about the Book of Mormon stories in a way that is relatable to them, all while keeping their

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Great Resource for My Family

My 4 youngest kids have so enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon Stories. They love the illustrations and love to read or hear the stories over and over.

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Great Job

This is a beautiful job of telling the stories of the Book of Mormon. It is simple for children to understand and adults. The pictures are beautifully

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True Christmas Stories

True Christmas stories that help you focus on what matters most this Christmas season.

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123 Read Before the Age of Three

It’s easy . . . 123 Read. After having eleven children, I finally figured out how to teach my babies to read before the age of three.

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Book of Mormon Videos

Watching Book of Mormon videos is an easy way for your child to learn the stories of the Book of Mormon.

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