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True Christmas stories to help us focus on what matters most during the Christmas season. 

The Cedar Post Christmas is a true story based on the Chapman's Christmas of 1912 in Topaz, Idaho. This delightful story is sure to become one of your favorite Christmas stories. It is a story of love and forgiveness.

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Times were tough and there was little money for the necessities. Christmas was coming, and Leona had her eyes on a beautiful doll that open and shut her eyes.

An idea came, and George knew how he could earn some money. He went up in the snow covered hills and cut down cedar trees and made them into fence posts. George was able to sell the posts, but not at the price he was expecting to get.

He carefully picked out the necessities from the store, but he didn't have have enough money for the beautiful doll. When the store owner saw the dilemma George was facing, he announced that the dolls were going on sale, and George could buy the doll for half price.

It was a wonderful Christmas, and they shared oranges and candies with others who were in need. What is the lesson six-year-old Leona learned Christmas morning? . . . see spoiler alert

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Spoiler Alert

Leona received her beautiful doll Christmas morning. While little 16-month-old Emerald was trying out Artell's new hammer, he hit the Leona's new doll in the head. The beautiful open and shut eyes were lost in the hollow of the head. There were tears and angry words, but when Leona saw the tears in her little brother's eyes, she knew he was more important than her doll. There wasn't a second chance to choose love and forgiveness. That was Little Emerald's last Christmas. He died the next summer.

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